Lina Nyberg Band members

Cecilia Persson piano, David Stackenäs guitar, Josef Kallerdahl bass, Peter Danemo drums

Cecilia Persson piano A musician that consistently revitalizes the way to approach the piano and the art of improvisation. Also being a composer, Cecilias attitude towards structure and form takes the music to a new level.

”The Persson music is totally unique. The music is throughly conceived and exact, has temperament, and is hypnotic, with echoes of Erik Satie.” … Sydsvenskan

Cecilia also plays with her own ensembles Paavo (co-leader together with Sofia Jernberg), Cecilia Persson Quintet, among others. In 2014 Cecilia is the Artist in Recidence for Norrbotten Big Band.


David Stackenäs guitar There is no short description of David Stackenäs musical expression. He moves easily from loud experimental noise to whispering tonal harmony. He works with sounds, tones and atmospheres in a very refreshing mixture.

Here´s one review on his soloalbum “The guitar”:

Creating something different – not to mention memorable – with the world’s most popular instrument, the guitar, often seems as unlikely as winning the national lottery. Yet young Swedish guitarist David Stackenäs has done so on this short, cunningly enigmatic disc.” Ken Waxman, Jazz Weekly

David also plays with LabField (med Ingar Zach – NO), The New Songs (med Sofia Jernberg, Kim Myhr – NO och Eve Risser – FR), Nakatani/Stackenäs duo (m Tatsuya Nakatani – JP) among others


Josef Kallerdahl bass One Sweden´s most recognized bass players that with attitude and grace adds stability and candidness to the music. Through his experiences in different genres he always gives any song an extra dimension.

Josef also plays with MusicMusicMusic, New Tide Orchestra, Josef & Erika, The Splendor, Cinemascope among others


Peter Danemo drums Throughout the last two decades Peter has been one of Swedens most renowned drummers but also a composer to be reckoned with. The fact that he´s a composer and arranger for larger ensembles, from big band to string quartet, adds extraordinary qualities of sensitivity and dynamics to his drum playing.

Peter also plays with his own projects LED, Meloscope, Lundin Danemo Kvintett among others.

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