The World’s a Stage – 2023

Lina Nyberg & Bohuslän Big Band The World´s A Stage

PCD303 – release 3/10 2023

The world is a stage and Bohuslän Big Band

The album contains a commissioned work in seven parts that follows the dramaturgy of a Broadway musical. Lina has dedicated each part to different musical role models such as Norma Winstone, Carmen McRae, Jan Johansson and Lennart Åberg. Lina Nyberg had her debut in 1993 with the duo album Close together with the pianist Esbjörn Svensson. With more than twenty album releases behind her and numerous awards and prizes, she has been praised worldwide for her creativity and innovative work. During 2022-2023 she is Composer in Residence at Vara Konserthus and has written new music in her residency which she performs together with the Bohuslän Big Band.

“The seven parts of this suite are composed according to the way an old-fashioned Broadway musical is structured, as a tribute to Porter, Gershwin, Hammerstein and all those classic Broadway composers. Each piece is also dedicated to a composer and/or musician who for various reasons have meant a lot to me musically. The suite also marks my love for big bands, which goes back a long way, from when I danced as a teenager to Gugge Hedrenius’ big band in Stockholm in the 80’s. 2023 is the 30th anniversary of my first album Close (an album recorded by the same sound engineer as this one, the brilliant Åke Linton). I look back on these years with pride and joy, but also with some sentimentality. Thirty years, that is after all, my whole life as an adult with all the experiences a life can contain; happiness, disasters, births and deaths, and everything in between, as Shakespeare wrote “All the world’s a stage, and all men and women but players”. That is also what I have tried to encompass in this suite; a piece performed with brilliance, warmth and commitment by the fantastic Bohuslän Big Band with whom I have had the honor of being Composer in Residence in 2022-23”

Lina Nyberg

Lina Nyberg was born in 1970 in Stockholm and studied at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. She has worked as a jazz singer and composer in Sweden for 30 years but has also toured a lot abroad. 2023 marks the 30th anniversary of her first album “Close”. Since 2020, she has been a member of the Royal Academy of Music in Sweden and has been awarded several times with scholarships and awards such as Grammis, Sveriges Radio’s Jazzkatten prize and Lars Gullin’s award among others.

Bohuslän Big Band is an orchestra that both protects and challenges the big band genre. Fearless and exploratory, they embark on collaborations with breadth and great variety. Over the years, they have played with international jazz giants such as Gregory Porter, Vince Mendoza, Maria Schneider and Nils Landgren. Since 2004, Bohuslän Big Band has been part of Vara Konserthus.