Lina Nyberg Big Band at Fasching Dec 13th Lina Nyberg Big Band at Fasching Dec 13th

The singer and composer Lina Nyberg celebrates 30 years since her first album Close (duo with Esbjörn Svensson 1993) was released. On a unique concert at Jazzclub Fasching in Stockholm on December 13th, she presents her own big band.

The World’s a Stage The World’s a Stage “Nyberg is a skilled composer who is well-versed in the legacy of jazz big bands, has studied orchestral conduction, and mastered the rich spectrum of colors and sounds of the Bohuslän Big Band.”  

Anniverse (2022) Anniverse (2022)

All about jazz: “A calendar year is a perfect vehicle for Nyberg to display her range, which takes in jazz, classical, stage, and improvisational song…beautiful incantations over Danemo’s marching pulse summon the hopes of spring even as winter maintains its…

The Night & The Music (2021) The Night & The Music (2021) “And by listening through the 11 songs over and over it just grows and grows, and has already been declared one of the best the two have ever done on record.”

The Clouds (2020) The Clouds (2020)

All About Jazz: “Nyberg is poised to reinforce her place at the vanguard of chance-taking European jazz musicians. …Both innovative and highly engaging, The Clouds is one of Nyberg’s best recordings yet.”

Terrestrial (2017) Terrestrial (2017)

” With her arresting delivery, moving, poetic songs and exquisite orchestral arrangements tempts us to listen very carefully. Then, letting our joy guide us to act better, more humanly, even adopt an inclusive feminist approach.” SALT-PEANUTS.EU

Aerials (2016) Aerials (2016)

Down Beat Magazine: 5/5 “The Swedish vocalists writing is stunning, especially for strings, and her singing is more personal than ever.”

Sirenades (2014) Sirenades (2014)

All about Jazz:”…playful and whimsical but also thoughtful and profound; carefully arranged, melodic and even sentimental, but also borders fearlessly with the experimental; theatrics bursting with rich imagination but also insightful and reflective on creative process and art in general.”


The World’s a Stage

The World’s a Stage

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