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Lina Nyberg has been teaching jazz singing, ensemble, improvisation and composition as a part of her occupation since 1993. She teaches regularly at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm since 20 years.
She is also an dedicated and popular lecturer in the subjects creativity, composing and equality in music, through her vast experience of working with all those subjects IRL.

She has a Master in Composition (2020) and a Diploma of fine Arts (1993) as a jazz singer and has a certificate from the qualifying course for university teachers (2021). She has written an essay on “With the body as instrument” (only in Swedish) Download HERE – 

and her Master essay was on “The inner room – to use associative synesthesia as a starting point for creative work” Download HERE

She also studied “Voice Function in Popular Music Styles” at SMI (2021) A course of song pedagogy, logonomy or logo-pedics, with a theoretic knowledge framework for experiences and observations on the voices within the repertoire of popular music.

If you are interested in booking clinics/workshops/lessons with Lina send an email to coach@linanyberg.se

“Lina was a wonderful vocal teacher. Especially because she challenged me in what I thought was impossible and supported me daring to go my own way. Remember the song lessons as much fun, we sang everything from jazz standards, soul, brazilian to more modern stuff. Lina was always present and seemed to like singing together so we did that a lot. We took every other solo song and improvised together freely with and without the piano (which Lina knows how to play).
A superb educator who has a special sense of what the student needs to develop.” Sofia Jernberg

“Lina is an extremely attentive teacher who sees the student where she/he is at the moment and inspires to development and deepening based on the student’s specific needs and wishes.” Emily McEwan Fornhammar

“Lina is a free thinking teacher and develops creativity, she really got me to go outside my comfort zone, for example to work with free improvisation and also concerning musical arrangements. So incredibly rewarding! She is and remains one of my greatest inspirators. ” Hanna Elmquist

“Lina Nyberg is the most creative challenging teacher I have worked with. With concrete tools she challenged me to develop my own creativity. I highly recommended Lina as a teacher. Alexander Lövmark

1998-today Vocal coach and ensemble teacher at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm

2018 Guest lecturer at Malmö Music Exchange Forum

2017 Guest teacher at Stavanger Musikhögskola  (NO)

2016 Guest teacher at Stavanger Musikhögskola  (NO)

2016 Guest lecturer at Conservatorio de Coimbra (PT)

2015 Lecturer at International Jazz Voice Conference (FI)

2015 Guest Lecturer at Copenhagen Jazz Camp (DK)

2014 Artist in residence at Musikhögskolan at Malmö Academy of Music

2010 Agder Jazz Summer  Camp (NO)

1998-2008 Vocal coach and ensemble teacher at Academy of Music and Drama in Göteborg

2008-2009 External examiner at Norwegian Academy of Music

1998-2003 Vocal teacher at Södra Latins Gymnasium in Stockholm

1993-1998 Vocal teacher at Jazzgymnasiet Vasaskolan i Gävle

She has also appeared as a guest teacher repeatedly at “Folk Highschools” in music as Fridhems folkhögskola, Skurups folkhögskola, Bollnäs folkhögskola, Framnäs folkhögskola, Billströmska, Ljungskile folkhögskola among others.


Founder of the organization IMPRA together with Gunilla Törnfeldt (www.impra.se)

Lina was in charge of the Equality in Music project 2011-2012 (Musikliv i Balans) on Statens Musikverk

Board assignments:

2020- 2022 Lina was a part of the board of KVAST, The Swedish Association of Women Composers (Kvinnlig Anhopning av Svenska Tonsättare)

2017-2020 she was the chairperson of the Association of Swedish Jazz Musicians FSJ- Föreningen Sveriges Jazzmusiker

SAMI (Swedish collecting society for artists and musicians)

Svenska Musikerförbundet Avd.10 (Swedish Musicians Union)

SKAP – The Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers and Authors

Musikcentrum Sweden

Musikcentrum Öst

The Jazz Magazine Orkesterjournalen

Svensk Jazz – Arrangörsrådet